Blog 1 – How to try to avoid the effects of noise on people in everyday life

Blog 1 – How to try to avoid the effects of noise on people in everyday life? Remember the saying ‘add three decibels, double the energy and halve the exposure time’.

Firstly, if you are a worker exposed to noise hazards in the workplace, you should know that the energy of noise increases logarithmically. 88 decibels of noise is only 3 decibels higher than 85 decibels of noise, but the energy it has doubles that of 85 decibels, and by the same token, 91 decibels of noise doubles that of 88 decibels of noise. The currently accepted standard for noise work is that direct exposure to 85 decibels for 8 hours a day generally does not have a great impact on hearing; then at 88 decibels for a maximum of 4 hours; and at 91 decibels for a maximum of two hours.

Secondly, in daily life, to have a simple judgment of the intensity of the noise, general people normally speak at 50 to 60 decibels, when talking loudly can reach 80 to 90 decibels, if we can not hear the people around us in a work or living environment, then we can initially judge the noise in the environment to reach what kind of a level, by reducing the time in the noise we can protect ourselves by reducing the amount of time we spend in the noise environment.

Thirdly, we should strengthen the protection in our daily work and life, such as setting up relatively quiet soundproof rooms in the workplace so that workers can get out of the noisy working environment in between work; wearing anti-noise earplugs when sleeping in the street houses to reduce the impact of noise on the human body.

Fourth, reduce or lower the sources of noise pollution, such as in the workplace, to strengthen the isolation of noise sources, to minimise the workers in the noise environment; in the home renovation reasonable allocation of drilling and other work time, not in the lunch break and night construction; in the road to avoid driving a long time horn, to reduce the noise emitted.

Noise is harmful to the human body in many ways, in daily life if you can not reduce the intensity of noise, we must strengthen self-protection, reduce the time in the noise environment.

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